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this chair was broken into many pieces
the chair leg was missing the broken off part
turned a new front leg for the chair, and stained it to match
this is a boat table badly broken right along the seams. i could not get the seams all the way apart, so after i injected glue into the seams, i also added handmade wooden "keys", to add a lot of strength
cedar chest missing a piece of molding on the lid
new piece of molding handmade and installed
new piece of molding finished to match
chair that was taken apart and reglued, the back recaned
after caning
the cane was later stained to match the other chairs
interior woodwork for a jaguar sedan that was reveneered in walnut, later finished to a nice chocolate brown
Duncan Phyfe Chair was missing side rail and leg.
New side rail and leg built.
Side rail and leg finished to match chair.
Touched up burn marks on chair
Touched up burn marks on chair