Willy's Wood Restoration, LLC

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   Saint Paul, MN 55104
Email: willyswoodrestoration@gmail.com
Phone: 651-434-2381
Hours: Monday-Friday By Appointment

Furniture restoration is what the heart of Willy's is all about. Whether it's a family heirloom antique with lots of sentimental value, or a contemporary piece that needs some sprucing up, Willy's is your shop.
   Chair reglues
   Table repairs
   Touch up work
   Full refinishing
   Veneer repair

Willy's Wood Restoration is a small shop, so all the focus is on craftsmanship, and meeting the clients needs.  

queen anne highboy 
after strip and refinish of drawers. cabinet was cleaned, touched up, and recoated
queen anne highboy before restoration.
finish was completely deteriorated, leaving a thick, sticky, wax-like substance over everything, hiding the dresser's true color and brilliance of the grain.
drawing table
custom built and finished for an architect's study
mahogany deco style sideboard
this piece had a lot of wear and tear, with damage to the finish, and some missing veneer
mahogany deco style sideboard 
after restoration - all the finish was lightly sanded, the wear was blended in, and the entire piece was re-coated with fresh finish. this process preserved the original color and look of the piece
Cedar chest before refinishing
cedar chest after refinishing
silverware box before refinishing
silverware box after refinishing, with custom brass nameplate
2 round custom made endtable tops, to match pottery barn coffee table
dropleaf table before refinishing
midcentury modern coffee table before refinishing
midcentury modern coffee table after refinishing
dropleaf table after refinishing
this table would get white marks very easily from heat and water, remedied the issue without refinishing, used secret willy's method
12 drawer oak type set cabinet heavily painted
oak cabinet after strip and refinish
maple butcher block table top
3" thick
before restoration
maple butcher block top after restoration
an fda approved food safe finish was used for this project
Complete restoration of beautiful, antique crotch mahogany claw-foot table.
sewing cabinet before refinishing
sewing cabinet stripped and refinished, top re-veneered in black walnut
2 custom conference table tops made
2 custom conference table tops made
custom frame made from reclaimed black walnut, milled by Willy's Wood Restoration
Midcentury wall mounted server
Veneered and finished inside
Black walnut veneer
Gateleg table
Stripped and refinished to original
strip and refinish of sculptural end table
corner desk with leather top
corner desk repaired, stripped and refinished